Aurelius Q.


Aurelius QAurelius Q. is the jazz band from Trencin. It has been working on the local jazz scene for more than 22 years. The history of the band goes back to the years of 1992 and 1993 when they launched their career as recognized jazz musicians after taking courses on jazz music and jazz theory in Bratislava jazz workshops. They played the first concert at the Jazz Festival in Zilina in 1993 and since then they have been a part of the Slovak jazz scene. The first album “Hore bez dolu jazz” reflected the life of the band in early 1990s.

The band also founded Trencin Jazz Festival and has participated in the history of the festival ever since. One of the best remembered concerts is the one with a prominent Czech jazz singer Jana Koubkova. The band has also worked with lots of other well established names on Czecho – Slovak music scene, such as Andrej Seban, Richard Muller, Peter Lipa as well as music groups like Mango Molas and Tubabu.

Aurelius Q. is known for their natural affinity for the Slovak traditional folk music. The music on the CDs Folk Ways I and Folk Ways II, which followed the first CD, was inspired by the local folk songs and it has been presented on the concerts. The band also plays jazz standarts as well as rock standarts in jazz arrangement.

The sound of the band has changed significantly since the introduction of a new member, Kristina Hlistova, who is a recognized violinist and the graduate of Music Academy in Bratislava (VSMU in Bratislava).


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