In the beginning of the 1990s, shortly after the so-called „Velvet Revolution“, four young men formed a jazz band and started practicing in the rooms of the Trencin Museum. Later these rooms took on the life of an improvisational jazz club, one of the first places with regular jazz sesions in Slovakia where the men invited their friends to join them for jazz sessions. A love of local history and a deep respect for their home town inspired the band’s name - Aurelius Quintet (Aurelius was an important figure in the history of Trencin).

Gradually they improved and became part of the Slovak and Czech jazz scene. As they gained credibility, the band founded the Trencin Jazz Festival in 1994 and played with many respected Slovak and Czech musicians including Peter Lipa, Andrej Seban, Jana Koubkova.

The name Aurelius Quintet was changed to Aurelius Q. because the number of band members was never limited to five. Local musicians were often seen performing with the band at various venues and events. The band has firmly established themselves on the local jazz club scene as well as the jazz and ethno-music festival circuit.

The band recorded their first CD in 1996 and since that time they have been experimenting with a fusion of traditional Slovak folk music and jazz music. At the end of the 1990s they recorded for Slovak Radio and the sessions were broadcast in several countries.

In 2007 they released their fourth album titled Folk Ways 2 and toured throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Aurelius Q. is made up (more or less) of the following jazz musicians:

  • Peter Belak – guitar, percussion
  • Erich Vladar – keyboards
  • Peter Sedlak – vocals, percussion
  • Ivan Letasi – bass guitar
  • Dusan Rozenberg – drums
  • Marian Karsay – drums
  • Kristina Hlistova – violin
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