Folk ways

Folk ways
mp3 Trenčín dolinečka
mp3 Čie sú to kone
mp3 Orie Janík, orie
mp3 Trenčianska veža
mp3 Jenna hora
mp3 Javorom, javorom II
mp3 Bačovské pastorále II
mp3 Pod horou, pod horou
mp3 Mám ja od Trenčína
mp3 Čierne oči

2003 PH studio Dubnica nad Váhom

We were born to a country where people love and keep their folk songs. They were given to us by the land and we have chosen not to ignore them. Instead we have decided to accept them in our hearts and play them in the way we, the jazz musicians, feel.

All the somgs recorded here originate in the region where we live, Trenčín, except for tracks number 6, 7 and 10, which are our original compositions written with love and full respect for the beauty of the Slovak country and its music.

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